Monday, July 1, 2013

Macro Monday

Now that all the foliage is thick, and the heat finally setting in, I have not been seeing many critters moving about other than birds.  As much as I like to photograph birds, my patience wears quite thin when it is so hot and buggy.  To alleviate this, I got out the macro gear and decided to get some practice.  I tried using the tripod yesterday, but that became frustrating with the wind, so today I free-handed the camera and got some decent shots.  I need to work on steadying myself, as macro is not very forgiving for sharpness.  Takes practice:)  Anyway, here's what I found:


Bluet Damselfly

Bluet Damselfly

 Boxelder Bug Nymph

 Boxelder Bug Nymph in Spider Web

 Broad Nosed Weevil

Cantharis Soldier Beetle

 Cobalt Milkweed Beetle

 Mud Dauber Wasp

 Red Milkweed Beetle

Red Milkweed Beetle Peekaboo

 Scudder’s Bush Katydid Nymph

 Syrphid Fly

Unidentified Weevil Ready for Takeoff!

 Widow Skimmer Up Close and Personal

I had forgotten how much I love photographing insects.  It's quite a challenge, and many variables can affect success.  I actually started my photography hobby due to my obsession towards identifying every possible insect.



Joe said...

I'm not a fan of the hot, huimd weather either. I try to check my cameras or do any outside work early in the morning of late in the evening.

Trailblazer said...

Nice! Those are some great macro pics. The bluets and the mud dauber are particularly cool. The dauber is one of those that I was taught to fear by my parents as a kid. dad said their sting was worse than other wasps....I wonder if that's actually true? :)

knapperbill said...

Thanks Trailblazer! I love bluets and can't help but photograph them. They are beautiful. I've never been stung by a mud dauber, so I looked it up and most of the experiences that I found said it doesn't sting any worse than an average bee sting. I may just have to test it and find out:)


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