Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Spiders!

Jumping spiders are my absolute favorite macro subjects, but also the most frustrating.  When found, getting them to pose and look right into the lens can be pretty difficult.  I've always admired the super-macro photos of the eyes of jumping spiders, and have always strived to get this effect.  It's quite amazing to see them up close and personal.  It gives them much more personality than seeing them with the naked eye.  Here are two species that I found this morning, and both were quite cooperative.

The first species is, I believe, Phidippus Princeps.  This little guy was only 5 or 6 mm long.  I struggled with the ID simply because I have never seen these color combos before, but this is the closest I could get.  With 5,000 species of jumping spiders, it can get difficult at times:)

Phidippus Princeps - Body Shot

In the two shots below, you can clearly see two sets of eyes in the front.

In the other two photos below, you can see the other two sets of eyes, one set being directly on the side of the head, and the other set on the top of the head!  Can you imagine what it would be like to look through 4 sets of eyes?

The second species for the day is a Peppered Jumper.  I got lucky and spotted him on the side of a blad or grass!  He's only about 3mm long!  Super tiny and quite difficult to hold my focus on him.  I had to pluck the blade of grass to get the eye shot, hold it with my left hand, and shoot the camera with my right.  Determination pays off:)

Peppered Jumper

Being in "Macro Mode" this week has been quite refreshing.  It definitely changes the pace of things.  There are always bugs and spiders to photograph, which is the easy part, but taking clear macro photos is much more complicated that larger birds and mammals.  I think I'll probably stay in Macro Mode for awhile, at least until I stumble across something else.  Hope you enjoy the jumpers!



Trailblazer said...

Oh my gosh....these spider photos are seriously breath-taking!

I love spiders....but I've never heard of a Peppered Jumper before! Very cool.

knapperbill said...

Thanks so much Trailblazer. I've really been into the macro thing lately. I love insects and spiders! The peppered jumpers are super small, and usually go unnoticed. Thanks for stopping by.


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